This is all material I produced for my own use and am making available in hopes of saving other researchers time.  There are, I'm sure, plenty of errors, both in my source data and that I've made in converting them.  I welcome all corrections.

California, including stats spreadsheet updated 4/8/14

Utah stats spreadsheet
updated 4/8/14
As well as other sources such as reports on Maddie's Fund and tax returns

Delaware, including stats spreadsheet

North Carolina, including stats spreadsheet (2001-2013) Updated 5/2/14

Oregon shelter stats spreadsheet

Virginia, including stats spreadsheet
(2004-2013) Updated 4/15/14

Michigan shelter stats spreadsheet
(2007-2011) Updated 4/17/14

Connecticut shelter stats

New Jersey shelter stats
(2004-2012) Updated 4/14/14

New Mexico shelter stats


In the process of doing some of my research, I've created some worksheets, mostly from the Asilomar reports below, supplemented with other information from Maddies and other sources I've found on the web, including tax returns.  I may as well share.

Also here are some other worksheets for my ongoing projects:

Other Sources:

Maddie's Fund Searchable Database
2008-2011 -- I finally figured out how to download to Excel and will be playing with it more

Maddie's Grant reports
There are some very good reports and analysis on many areas that received grants.  There used to be a page on their Targeted Spay/Neuter grants, but that's gone away.  However, a search of the website can still bring up the reports.  One of my favorites is the Duval County Comprehensive Final Report.   There's also a related page on Duval County/Jacksonville, FL How_to_Work_with_Municipalities_to_Save_Community_Cats with a chart that looks a lot like my favorite format, only better.

Asilomar format reports
Looks like these include the same areas as the Maddie's Fund database, but for more years and I've been getting the hang of converting them to spreadsheets.

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